FarmVille 2 game

All you need to know about the best Facebook game FarmVille 2

FarmVille 2 game - All you need to know about the best Facebook game FarmVille 2

FarmVille 2

About Farmville 2 Game

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to manage and operate your own farm? You don’t have to look any further than the social network game FarmVille 2, by game developer Zynga. This popular 3D RPG simulation involves a wide array of farm management aspects from crop production, start to finish, to raising livestock, water distribution, and even manufacturing and marketing goods.

FarmVille 2 has over 10 million active players every month.

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We love the FarmVille 2 game, and we created this blog  to try and help other fool in love in the best game in the world today.

You will find here everyting about FarmVille 2 from players guide to tips, events and much more. I hope you will enjoy it :)

We will start with a overview about FarmVille 2 to get you in the right mood.

Players start out in Farmville 2 with an empty farm and a default amount of “farm coins,” the in game currency used to grow their new agricultural hideaway. As players progress through the game and perform different tasks like plowing fields or buying items they are rewarded with XP or experience points. The accumulated XP leads to benchmarks that allow players to unlock new and in most instances, better items for their farm. With each new unlock a player’s farm grows more and more.

Performing tasks in game also earns players resources that are stored in inventory. Those resources in inventory can then be sold for coins or crafted into goods. These items all enhance their farm further in game and help to earn more and more XP. Some purchasable items even reflect the season of the year.

The popularity of Farmville 2 stems not only from its earlier version Farmville which in its prime had over 20 million active monthly users, but its unique social experience. Friends help one another out by visiting other’s farms daily and performing some of their tasks for them such as harvesting crops.

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Unlike the earlier FarmVille, FarmVille 2 does not utilize the unpopular energy-based system. The older version allotted players a set amount of energy. The problem however was when you ran out of energy players had to wait to do anything further on the farm. In Farmville 2 you can run out of resources, but you can always do something on the farm. Players can even purchase additional resources if they so choose.

Overall Farmville 2 is a very unique adventure that allows players to be creative in building their customized farms. It also allows friends from all over the world to work as a community by helping one another be successful. It offers a very nice platform for those interested in these types of games but it also requires a lot of strategy and hard work to maintain everything in game. In a way this gives users a more real world feel of farm life. A trait that continues to attract users from all walks of life.

To learn more check out FarmVille 2 player Guide

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