FarmVille 2 game

All you need to know about the best Facebook game FarmVille 2

FarmVille 2 game - All you need to know about the best Facebook game FarmVille 2

FarmVille 2 Quests

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FarmVille 2 Quests

Daunting and challenging quests in Farmville 2 that could interest you the most

When Farmville was a great success on Facebook the makers thought of taking this game to the next level and they introduced Farmville 2. Farmville 2 Quests are new and challenging. It gives you the feel of online gaming at its best. Here your friends could join in and become your neighbors and help you to build a bigger and better farm.

The new Farmville 2 Quests:

Earning Experience points:

One of the prime Farmville 2 quests is earning of experience points in the game. Experience points help you to cross one level and go to the next level. The more experience points you have the faster you can grow in this game.

Earning coins:

Plating the game another important Farmville 2 Quests could be earning coins. By farming well you could go ahead and earn enough coins. These coins could come in handy later on to help you buy things to build a bigger and better farm. The better farm you have it could help you go further in the game and increase in levels.

Taking help from neighbors:

In this game the most challenging Farmville 2 quests could be to urge your neighbors to help you to grow your farm. Everyone is looking to grow to the next level and hence nobody wants to help. If you could urge your neighbor to help you to increase and expand your farm then it could be of great use to you. Your crops could be of great importance as well.

Choice of crops:

The choice of your crops could determine your plan in the game. If you are planting crops that yield coins in that case you are trying to build a great farm that will help you in future. But if you are planting more crops that yield you experience points then it is clear that you are more interested in climbing up the level ladder quickly. Experience points help you to cross through the levels at a good speed and you reach the top fast.


Rearing of animals could be one of the daunting Farmville 2 quests. It is very difficult to understand which animal could yield you more money. You could move your animals to the inventory and sell them for money. This way you can earn a lot. So it is advised to rear good quality animals to increase your profits in the game and give you lots of money to build a good farm