FarmVille 2 game

All you need to know about the best Facebook game FarmVille 2

FarmVille 2 game - All you need to know about the best Facebook game FarmVille 2

FarmVille 2 New Tips

Necessary FarmVille 2 Tips for a Fantastic Game

Most games that are presented in the internet are in structure of free download. The gamers can acquire Farmville 2 game free download for PC on the internet. With this, the players can be capable to download their preferred game Farmville 2 to their PC. Players can therefore get pleasure from playing the game when they are offline even without internet connection. Players also have a choice of downloading as numerous games as possible. It is truly wonderful that one can download their most enjoyable game on their PC. The accessibility of the game for download aids people to play the game repeatedly. It even aids the player to enhance the abilities necessary to be just right in the game. This game assists the players to gain knowledge of various Farmville 2  tips.

Using the mouse, it was controlled by it. The primary Farmville 2 tip that the player requires to increase is on crops. The player must hold on the left of the mouse in order to sow, reap and water the crops. Drag the plant and missions will be continued absolutely. The crops should be cultivated when leveling up or at the conclusion of a level.

Next Farmville 2 tips, the players ought to find out in placing the valued animals into the account. This is for the reason that the game has its own restrictions. The players must check that they value all the animals before adding them into a catalogue because no animal can move to the account without a prize. Players can choose to sell the animals in order to acquire some if he/she do not have cash.  Different animals should have precise nourishes in order to be eligible for the selling. Players have to thus be in a situation to resolve when to procure and sell the animals.

Crafting is as well another important Farmville 2 tip to guarantee that the player gains more cash. There are different products that are manufactured by the animals on the farm which contains milk, eggs and cheese. Another essential Farmville 2 tip, do not trade such products since they are imperative in forming several objects in the kitchen that may basically aid you to produce money. This takes place to be the excellent approaches of creating money in the farm. They are very significant in the game since they assist the player to cultivate crops and trees on the farm. Several neighbors require to be visited by the player in order they can aid in the farming. Acquire lots of neighbors as possible aids the player to perform numerous task on the farm. The more the work completed, the more likely in stream of cash.

It is very vital for the player to learn when they are leveling up. Once the player levels up, there are different things that are expected to transpire. Along with the things that happen is the watered trees and crops that are all set to yield, the player be provided the power indispensable to accomplish crafting and animals that are prepared for feeding. Using these simple yet easy to use Farmville 2 tips will help you to play successfully.

FarmVille 2 Strategies

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Farmville 2 Strategies

FarmVille 2 Strategies that take you to higher levels quickly

FarmVille 2 is the next version of Farmville. The game is played on Facebook. The game has taken the world by storm. It is immensely popular. It is not a single player game. You can invite your friends and buddies to play this game along with you. The game play is very good.

Beginner mode:

In this game you need to gain experience points and go higher up the ladder. The more experience points you gain the better it is for you. At the beginning you need to build and increase your farm which is one of the major Farmville 2 Strategies. The more time you spent with your farm the more gains you can have. At this time no matter what you do as a beginner you will get some experience points.

Increase in levels:

As soon as you start moving up the level ladder you will face tougher challenges. Then you need more experience points to gain a level. The game becomes tougher. However you can go on farming in your farm and gain experience points but in that way you will need a lot of time to have enough experience points to reach the next level so u need to have good Farmville 2 strategies.

Shortcuts to gain levels:

Buying things:

 By the time you have reached the higher levels in this game you could be having a lot of experience points. Farmville 2 strategies gives you enough thrills and interest to comeback day in day out and sit on your PC to play this game. It becomes an addiction. The more experience points that you gain with that you can approach new levels. You can have some money to spend from your farming. That will help you to buy the levels and go up the ladder to progress in the game.

 Changing your crops:

When you start playing, Farmville 2strategies will enable you to plant more crops that yield you lots of cash. But that will not help you to gain experience points. Instead you could try and plant more crops that yield you experience points. These crops grow quickly and yield you 2 points on every single plantation. Thus it gives you a lot of experience points. This could increase your growth speed up the ladder and take you to higher levels quickly. So when you play Farmville 2 make sure you know exactly what you are looking for and you move forward with the goal in mind. You should determine your Farmville 2 strategies beforehand.

FarmVille 2 Quests

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FarmVille 2 Quests

Daunting and challenging quests in Farmville 2 that could interest you the most

When Farmville was a great success on Facebook the makers thought of taking this game to the next level and they introduced Farmville 2. Farmville 2 Quests are new and challenging. It gives you the feel of online gaming at its best. Here your friends could join in and become your neighbors and help you to build a bigger and better farm.

The new Farmville 2 Quests:

Earning Experience points:

One of the prime Farmville 2 quests is earning of experience points in the game. Experience points help you to cross one level and go to the next level. The more experience points you have the faster you can grow in this game.

Earning coins:

Plating the game another important Farmville 2 Quests could be earning coins. By farming well you could go ahead and earn enough coins. These coins could come in handy later on to help you buy things to build a bigger and better farm. The better farm you have it could help you go further in the game and increase in levels.

Taking help from neighbors:

In this game the most challenging Farmville 2 quests could be to urge your neighbors to help you to grow your farm. Everyone is looking to grow to the next level and hence nobody wants to help. If you could urge your neighbor to help you to increase and expand your farm then it could be of great use to you. Your crops could be of great importance as well.

Choice of crops:

The choice of your crops could determine your plan in the game. If you are planting crops that yield coins in that case you are trying to build a great farm that will help you in future. But if you are planting more crops that yield you experience points then it is clear that you are more interested in climbing up the level ladder quickly. Experience points help you to cross through the levels at a good speed and you reach the top fast.


Rearing of animals could be one of the daunting Farmville 2 quests. It is very difficult to understand which animal could yield you more money. You could move your animals to the inventory and sell them for money. This way you can earn a lot. So it is advised to rear good quality animals to increase your profits in the game and give you lots of money to build a good farm

FarmVille 2 Player Guide

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Farmville 2 Player Guide

Welcome to your guide to playing FarmVille 2, a popular social game. In FarmVille 2, you receive a family farm as an inheritance and the goal of the game is to expand your farm, grow crops, raise animals, craft recipes in your kitchen and of course, to keep levelling up.

As with most games, it is possible to play Farmville 2 without buying farm bucks, this guide will help both cash players ( those spending money on the game to buy farm bucks) and non-cash players (players who do not spend money to buy farm bucks).

What are farm bucks? Farm bucks is the fastest way to progress through the game because you can use them to purchase items in the general store that you cannot purchase with coins alone. Cash players use farm bucks to level up quicker but they are not necessary to play the game or to level up!

Farmville 2 is a social game, which means that in order to progress faster you will need friends who play the game. The more friends you have that play the game, the faster you will all level up so add as many neighbors as you can. Your neighbours can visit your farm to help out, you can visit theirs, and you can request materials from them as well as needing neighbors to hire staff for your farm. A great way to find people who also play the game is through the game forums. You can also send gifts to your neighbors, which means you receive gifts as well!

The first level is your basic tutorial level; it will walk you through how to play the game and where to find everything. You begin with one neighbor, Marie, and she will be your guide through the tutorial.


You will go over the basics such as harvesting crops and watering crops. To water and harvest your crops, just click on them. Crops that need water will have a water droplet hovering over the plants. Your water is limited but it will replenish over time. You can ask your neighbors for water, which is another reason why it is handy to have as many neighbors as you can.

You will need to plant crops too, as you begin, many crops will be locked, but as you level up, they will unlock. You cannot plant crops without having empty plots so make sure that you go to your tools menu and choose “plots” to put down some extra plots for your crops.

Every crop has a different harvest time, some grow quickly, and some grow slower, so pay attention to the harvest time for each crop because it is ready to harvest and you do not harvest in time, the crop will wither and be useless.


You will also raise animals on your farm. Each animal will have to be fed and when you feed animals, they will give you goods that you can then sell for coins. The goods, called resources, that you get from animals will also be the ingredients for your recipes that you can create in your kitchen.

You will see animals in the areas beyond your farm and as you expand your farm into those areas, those animals will become yours. To add animals to your farm you can purchase them in the general store using coins and farm bucks.

Each animal will give you xp points when you feed them, and it varies by animals as to how much you get. From the general store you can find out how many xp points you will get, how much feed each animal requires (animals with higher feed requirements produce the most resources), the resources that each animal provides when you feed them and the number of coins that you will get for the resources if you sell them, and the recipes that the resources will be used in.

When you purchase an animal, it will be a baby, and will require a certain amount of milk bottles until it reaches adulthood. You can request baby bottles from your friends, another reason why having neighbors is important in the game. You can also use farm bucks to buy bottles. After a while, your animals become prized animals and will provide coins at feeding time, but no resources.

The number of animals allowed on your farm depends on the number of water troughs that you have on your farm. You start with one water trough that allows you to have 15 animals and each additional water trough allows you to have five more animals and a maximum of 50 animals total, so to level up faster you will need to purchase more water troughs in the general store, they will be under the building tab.

Market Stand

Crops, resources, and drafted recipes that you craft in your kitchen can be sold in the market stand for coins. Your market stand can be found at the front of your farm, click on it to open it up.

Select what you want to sell and then click the sell button and you will receive gold for those items. Everything that you have available for sale will show up, keep in mind that not everything can be sold at the market stand.

Feed Mill

You will need to make feed in order to feed your animals. Your feed mill is where you will turn crops into animal food. Your feed mill tells you what you need and how much feed it will make for each animal.


You can purchase buildings in the general store in the buildings tab. Each building has benefits that you will get once the building has been completed. Select what building you want and place it on the farm and then click on it and it will tell you what you need in order to build it as well as what the benefit of that building is.

Your first phase of building is to gather the resources. You can either buy the building materials with farm bucks or you can ask your neighbors to give you the materials. When you have enough materials, click on the start building tab.

You will be taken to the pop-up screen for the second phase of building, hiring help for the building. It will tell you how many friends are needed to complete building, and you can ask your friends or hire for farm bucks.


The more crops and animals you have, the more items you will have to sell so you will need more room. Your available expansions are the grassy areas next to your farm. Hover over them to see what the requirements are to unlock that expansion and what will unlock when you expand in that area. Plots that you can expand on will have a sign with a dollar sign on it posted in the plot.

There are requirements for expanding your farm, but once you meet them you will have more land and sometimes you will get resources, secret items, decorations, and even resources! The pop up will tell you what you need to do to complete the expansion.

Sometimes, expansions have debris in it; you can clear that out with the help of your friends, click on the objects to see the requirements. Once the object is cleared, you will receive a reward.

Try to expand your farm as much as possible, it will help you level up quicker. As you level up, more crops, animals, and decorations will unlock and be available to you.


You are given optional tasks to do in the game, these are called your quests, and you will earn coins, xp, or other items for each completed task. The “note” icon that Marie showed you in the tutorial is where your quests are and you can access them at any time.

Crafting Kitchen

Once you reach level five you can expand your farm to unlock the ability to craft recipes in your kitchen. Click on the kitchen to open it and to see what you are allowed to make. The higher your level, the more recipes you have access to.

You will use your resources that you get from crops, trees, animals and from your neighbors to craft recipes that you can then sell for coins. Salt and sugar can only be obtained by asking your neighbors or can be purchased through the store.

Recipes with a star mean that they can be sold for coins at the market stand. You will have recipe cards that will show you the chain of recipes needed to create the final recipe. For example to make apple scones, you must first make flour and the batter.

Your crafting kitchen runs on crafting energy, you can see how much energy you have from the bar at the bottom of the crafting kitchen menu. Your crafting energy will replenish itself gradually every hour. You can also ask your friends for power or you can purchase some with farm bucks.

You can sell your finished products in the market stand. The more complicated the recipe, the more coins the recipe will be worth.

Farm of the Week Event

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Farmville 2 Farm of the Week Event

Farm of The Week Event

Do you have what it takes to create the next Farm of the Week?


  • The Farm of the Week is a weekly basis event
  • Any Farm can win, Just do your best work, and keep your fingers crossed.
  • Every Friday you can submit your farm.
  • For your entry to be eligible, it must be posted in this following thread.
  • The FarmVille 2 team will select our favorite farm every Friday.
  • No photoshopped (or edited) images are allowed.
  • No flaming or insulting pictures that other players have posted.
  • Posting will end at 3 pm PST every Friday.
  • The announcement of the Farm of the Week on the Official Fan Page every Friday.
  • Make sure you are creative! The FarmVille 2 team will be judging the pictures based off of originality, effort and presentation.


  • Please keep your entries Rated G! They cannot publicly display graphic or inappropriate content on the Fan Page
  • No inappropriate content is allowed in the photos.
  • The photos must show your entire Farm, within reason.
  • The picture must be original.
  • Your entry must be an image of your Farm.


  • 100 Farm Bucks
  • Featured spot on the Official FarmVille 2 Fan Page

Importance of Farmville 2 Animals to Gain XP Advantage

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Farmville 2 Animals

 Reasons for the popularity of Farmville 2:

While some people like playing Farmville 2 for the different wild animals that can be collected, some people do not care much about the wild animals that roam free next to their farm. Some people like the game just for growing unique flowers and trees or just to decorate their small town for others to see. However, before you finally sell off your Farmville 2 animal, there are a few aspects that you need to know.

  • You need a make a lot of effort during the initial levels in the game and keeping animals near the farm is one little secret of leveling up fast. You do not have to keep the animal for eternity. Just wait for the next level up to occur.

  • Every breed has their significance and if you arrange your animals carefully, you will find it easier to collect ribbons and coins faster than your neighbors.


  • Even if you do not like horses, building a stable in game is quite essential as they provide an added advantage in gaining superiority in certain ribbon races. You will also be allowed to collect horse hair at a single click and as a result your gold collection will also increase periodically.

Ways to gain massive XP points:

After purchasing a stable you will need some specialty items that can complete the construction before you are allowed to store horses. Therefore build a stable keeping in mind its need in the future levels of the game. Chickens can be quite dirty creatures and many people do not like staying near them. However, a chicken is a very important Farmville 2 animal. Not only can they be harvested for gold but the numbers of gold coins you get depend upon the size of the eggs they lay. However you can collect just one egg a day, unless you plan on spending a ribbon to find lots of eggs in your coop.

How to complete collections quickly:

Hen features are required to complete collections and eggs can be a great bonus to your neighbors. However, you need to harvest a few hens outside the coop to gain hen feathers. However, to collect the hen feather collection, you will need to collect some other types of feather which can be obtained by watching your neighbors feed their foul. However, a cow could be named the perfect Farmville 2 animal as they will not just provide you with dairy supplies but will also help you complete important collections at the later stages.

Varieties of ribbons available:

Cows are available in green, pink and brown colors and each one has its specific outputs which are needed to complete the dairy collection set. Therefore, it is recommended that you go for all types of cows while building your farm to help you complete the collection before your neighbors. There are varieties of ribbons available such as Noah’s Ark, zoologist, animal shelter etc and these can unlock a vast amount of XP points for your profile. The sooner you manage to collect the ribbons, the quicker you can sell off your livestock.